• iCAB

    Most Advanced Taximeter in the world

  • Feature

    Designed to impress

  • Communicate

    Communication is the key to success.

  • Built-In
    Smart Card

    Use for corporate cards, drivers id, drivers access or even for programming.

  • Ethernet

    Use your favourite POS debit/credit terminal and share one SIM connection.

  • Built-In

    Geo-code transactions and eliminate cheating

  • Built-In

    Use to log transactions, communicate with your drivers or track your fleet.

  • Bluetooth

    Provides messaging tunnel for mobile data terminals or tablets


iCAB - A true innovation

Unlike traditional taximeters that provide very limited capabilities in terms of control and reporting, the iCAB was designed specifically for fleet operators and taxi companies wanting to take full control over their fleets. The iCAB application is highly configurable and supports several modes of operations. With the iCAB the choice is yours, it all depends on the level of control you want to have. Below is a list of some of the many modes of operations that you could use (It is important to note that many of the modes below can be enabled at the same time )

Modes of Operaion

  • Expiry Date Mode:

    In this mode you can simply program the iCAB application to check for the Expiry Date you programmed in the iCAB settings table. When the date is reached, the iCAB taximeter application would seize to operate until a new expiry date is provided. This mode doesn't require the usage of a server or wireless communications.

  • Shift Control Mode:

    In this mode you can provide each driver with a smart card that holds meter access information, such as vehicle, start Date, End Date, and shift information. No access to the meter is provided unless the card is authenticated. This mode doesn't require the usage of a server or wireless communications.

  • OnLine Authentication Mode:

    In this mode the iCAB application will prompt the driver to enter a driver ID ( manually or using a smart Card ). The ID entered, will be used to authenticate driver access, against shift control parameters programmed against the driver profile in the CabCube server. This mode utilizes GPRS communication and requires the usage of the CabCube server.

  • OnLine Reporting Mode:

    In this mode the iCAB application will be configured to report all its activities to the CabCube server. All transactions are logged in real time with an unparalleled level of details. The information gathered can be used for Driver's cashiering, auditing or simply for reporting purposes.

  • POS Mode:

    In this mode the iCAB application provides a pass through connection for your favourite POS terminal ( Debit/Credit Terminal), allowing you to use a single SIM card for all your communication needs.

  • GPS Tracking Mode:

    In this mode the iCAB vehicle tracking application is enabled. Simply track the location of any of your vehicles at any time with a click of a mouse. Location information received from the vehicle can be used at later time to replay vehicle driving history.

Taximeter App

  • The iCAB offers a built-in Taxi meter function with highly configurable rate structure capable of supporting the most complex taxi meter requirements. Up to 10 different rates, can be configured for manual or auto selection based on 20 different independent time periods. The iCAB is capable of storing over 7000 transactions, with detailed time stamps and geo-coded pickup and drop off locations.
  • Application Features

    • Flexible Rate Structure
    • Single or multi-rate taximeter (maximum of 9 rates)
    • Manual Extras
    • Programmable using keypads, Serial Ports or Smart Cards
    • Totals Report (Fare, Extras, mileage etc.. )
    • Displays: Fare $99999.99 and Extras $999.99
    • Printed summary report for meter’s statistics
    • Flash memory Log ( trip by Trip Details )
    • 20 Programmable time periods, for automatic rate selection.
    • Programmable access control.
    • Setup access via smart card only (optional)
    • Serial Printer Interface
    • Mobile Data Terminal Interface
  • Cashiering

    The iCAB application together with our back end CabCube system can handle the most complex aspects of cashiering, independent of the dispatch application used ( even in non-integrated mode ). Bring you operation up to date by providing your customers with smart cards for all their account needs, replacing paper vouchers with electronic transactions.

Hardware Spec

  • Dimensions 145(mm)x80(mm)x48(mm)
    Weight 200g
    Enclosure Injection Molded Plastic
    Display 128 x 64 Backlit LCD Display (or 16 x 8 )
    Keyboard 16 keys telephone type keypad (backlit)
    Card Reader Smart Card Reader
    Ports 4 RS232 ports
    Ethernet 10/100
    Electrical 10-18VDC
    Environmental -20C to +65C Operational
    GPS 50 Channels, High Sensitivity
    Radio Modem Supports External Radio Modem
    Taxi Meter Advanced Taxi Meter Functions
    Cell Networks Built-In GPRS Modem
    Short Range Bluetooth
    Printer Supports External Printer