• Net-Dispatch

    Dispatch, Tracking & Cashiering

  • iCAB-Touch

    Powering android tablets

    No more bulky/expensive MDTs. Unleash the power of android 3G and Bluetooth tablets.

  • iCAB-Touch

    Affordable Wireless Dispatch

    Portable/inexpensive solutions using android powered phones

  • iCAB Taximeter

    Advanced taximeter with dispatch capabilities


Net-Dispatch Suite

“Net-Dispatch Suite” is a set of software applications designed and focused to provide the best possible dispatch solution in the industry. The modular design approach improves performance, stability and scalability


  • Net-Dispatch, is the main application designed to handle all your dispatch needs. “Net-Dispatch” was carefully designed and with the most flexible configurations to allow the same software to be setup for use with voice based dispatch systems, one-way paging systems or with fully computerized dispatch systems.


  • Net-Track is a mapping software used to provide the dispatcher with the necessary tools needed to locate the exact location of the vehicles in the field. Net-Track also provides the operator with the tools needed to provide address to address pricing.


  • When implementation cost is an issue, Page-Mon offers the least expensive way to enhance the dispatch operations without having to invest in a complete computerized dispatch system This module works in the background monitoring the dispatch operation and delivering the dispatched orders to the drivers using one-way paging devices or SMS Messaging. Most importantly that no additional steps are required by the dispatcher


  • Web-Book is a real-time web based online booking system. Orders placed by your customers on the web instantly reach the Net-Dispatch database without directly exposing your system. This provides the most efficient and secure method for real-time web booking.


  • is all what you need for drivers cash-in and customers invoicing. ”Net-Cashier” also provides you with the tools to schedule car and plate rentals and automatically add in applicable charges for dispatch dues.