iPOS-5000 is our latest innovation of smart card readers. It offers a small and elegant enclosure packed with features. The iPOS-5000 is powered by a highly configurable application capable of supporting the most demanding applications.

The iPOS-5000 offers an extensive set of configuration parameters and the most comprehensive reports set in the industry. It is also capable of e-mailing reports at pre-determined intervals.

Modes of Operation

  • Offline Controller Mode

    In this mode the iPOS-5000 provides or denies access to the controlled equipment based on the balance stored of the presented card. In this mode the iPOS-5000 operates completely as a standalone controller and requires no communication with a host or a master.

  • Offline Re-value Mode

    In this mode the iPOS-5000 is used to revalue the balance stored on the presented card using the attached keypad. Simply key in the new balance to revalue the inserted card.

  • Offline Encoder Mode

    In this mode the iPOS-5000 used to format and revalue blank cards. The inserted card will get formatted and encoded with a pre-programmed value stored in the internal settings table.

  • Online/Serial Mode

    In this mode the iPOS-5000 is fully controllable using a communication protocol. The Controlling host will have full control over the reader and the balance of the presented card.

Features List

Highly encrypted smart card format
MiFare Contactless smart cards
Advanced read/write algorithms to minimize card failures
Custom site codes by location
Highly configurable, it can be used as a:

  • standalone reader to control copiers, fax machines, printers and other office machines
  • standalone encoder
  • serial reader to support cash registers, print management software etc..
  • serial encoder, to encode cards in a PC controlled environment
  • Custom serial protocols as well as advanced iPOS-5000 serial protocol
Dual Price Line
Tracks copy totals by price line
128 x 64 Graphical LCD display
4 x RS232 Port
Ethernet connectivity
WiFI connectivity
Bluetooth connectivity
Easily programmable via PC, Keypad or using special programming cards
Dimensions 145(mm)x80(mm)x48(mm)
Enclosure: Injection Molded Plastic
Power: 12VDC