ADV-5000 is an Add Value/ Card Dispenser Station. The ADV-5000 provides encoding functionality for blank cards as we well as revalue capabilities for pre-encoded cards.

It accepts bills and coins and can be used in offline or online modes.

The ADV-5000 offers an extensive set of configuration parameters and the most comprehensive reports set in the industry. It is also capable of e-mailing reports at pre-determined intervals.

Highly Configurable

  • One controller board, one firmware does it all; Choose your components in any combination to build your model:
    • Bill Acceptor
    • Coin Acceptor
    • Card Dispenser
    • On line account
    • Magnetic Card Reader/Writer
    • Smart Card Reader/Writer
    • Swipe Reader

Features List

Ethernet/Network port (internet access)
Ethernet/Network port (internet access)
Capable of sending periodic e-mail updates
Bills Only mode ( auto detect)
Coin/Bills mode ( auto detect)
Coin/Bill/Card mode (auto detect)
Use as a stand alone revalue Station
Use as a card dispenser
Use as an encoding station
Use as an Add Value Station
Use for on-line accounts mode
Or any combination of the above modes without having to reconfigure
16-Keys keypad membrane for programming and on-line account
Large 4×20 LCD display
3 RS232 ports
Mini-LCD reports ( Summary Reports )
Detailed reports